Dark Chocolate Mousse $14
fresh berries, orange tuilles
Affogato $14
liqueur & vanilla ice cream


Margherita $22.00
parmigiano, fresh mozzarella, basil
Ham and Cheese $22.00
the classic ham and cheese
Pepperoni $22.00
Taupo Terror $26.00
shaved leg ham, mozzarella, rocket & balsamic glaze
Supreme Pizza $26.00
mushroom, ham, capsicum, sausage, olives, tomato, onion
Red Setter $26.00
smoked chicken, pancetta, bacon, red onion, brie, cranberry, chefs own bbq sauce
Jack Spratt $26.00
smoked salmon, red onion, capers, cream cheese, black pepper
Parson's Glory $26.00
fennel sausage with onion, potato and a dash of cream thyme and rosemary
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