Bar Snacks

Beef & Pork Sliders $15
aged cheddar, bread & butter pickles, tomato ketchup
Prawn Tacos $15
mexican spices, corn, avocado, chilli & lime salsa, homemade
Korean Popcorn Chicken $15
sweet soy sauce, sweet chilli ketchup & chilli mayonnaise
Pork Wontons $15
ginger, carrot, onion and garlic with chilli soy
Goats Cheese Croquettes $14
panko crumbed, rosemary infused honey
Crumbed Mushrooms $14
Panko crumbed with homemade aioli
Beerbatter or Curly Fries $10
ketchup & homemade mayonnaise
Garlic Bread $8
Chilli and Honey Bread $8
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