Snacks and Light Meals

Steamed Prawn and Ginger Dumplings (5pcs (DF) – $16

tasty morsels with our dipping sauce

Pulled Pork Loaded Fries – $16

chunky fried covered in tender pork shoulder, with cheese sauce, chilli & green sprinkle

Chicken Wings (8pcs) (GF, DF) – $10

confit, then fried, tender and tasty with choice of hot & spicy OR BBQ sauce

Crumbed Mushrooms (DF)- $10

button mushrooms, house crumbed & golden fried with aioli

Deep Fried Brie (V) – $15

2 wedges, house crumbed with plum sauce & lavish crackers

Curly Fries (GF, DF) – $8

Steak Fries (GF, DF) – $8

Fish & Chips – $26

Beer battered market fish, chunky fries, with tartare sauce and salad

Ground Beef Brisket, Bacon and Cheese Burger – $22

smashed brisket mince, streaky bacon, lettuce, tomato, gherkin & cheese sauce with steak fries

Extra patty $7

Pulled Pork Burger – $22

5 hour, cooked pork shoulder, with BBQ sauce, Asian slaw & pigs tail fries

Chicken Schnitzel – $22

cornfed breast, crumbed in house, with fries, salad & mushroom sauce OR garlic butter

Butter Chicken (GF, DF) – $25

with rice and garlic bread

Thai Beef Salad (DF, GFO)- $18

marinated beef strips, crispy noodles, on a spicy Asian green salad. Punchy flavours, for those that like taste sensation in their mouths

While we try our best to accommodate everyone, takeaways will be up to our discretion, please phone us to confirm this is an option.