Bar Menu & Snacks

Bar Menu & Snacks

Bar Menu

Available from 6pm onwards

Pan Seared Scotch Steak

with house salad and golden fries. Choose from mushroom, peppercorn, bernaise sauce or garlic butter.


Char grilled Chicken Breast Sandwich

with avocado, spicy fresh salsa and south west chipotle dressing on grilled ciabatta bread


Golden Crumbed or Pan Fried Dory Fillet

with fires and salad with garlic aioli


Thai Chicken or Beef Salad

with garden salad greens, fresh coriander, peanuts & crispy noodles with a sweet thai lemongrass ginger dressing



Tangy BBQ Pork Ribs

with fries and salad


Seafood Vol au Vent

a selection of mussels, prawns, scallops, fish and cockles in a light creamy white wine sauce served in a crisp golden puff pastry case



Bar Snacks

Available from 4pm onwards

Seafood Plate

golden deep fried crumbed scallops, mussels, prawn cutlets,
hoki bites and squid rings with garlic aioli and salad.


Oriental Platter

Deep fried spring rolls, spicy wontons, curried samosas
and chicken and lemongrass dumplings with sweet thai
chili sauce and sweet soya dipping sauces.


Assorted Mini Slider Platter

four little delicate sliders, beef and onion, satay pork, prawn and aioli and chicken and brie


Prawn And Scallop skewers

with lemongrass, ginger and spiced aromatic salad


Golden French Fries

or curly fries served with tomato sauce and aioli


Baked Potato Wedges

with bacon, cheese, sour cream and sweet chilli