Bar Menu & Snacks

Bar Menu & Snacks

Bar Menu

Available from 6pm onwards

Pan Seared Scotch Steak

with house salad and golden onion rings with your choice of mash potato
or fries. Choose from mushroom, peppercorn, dianne sauce or garlic butter.


Golden Battered, Crumbed or Pan Fried Dory Fillet

with fries or country potatoes and salad with garlic aioli.


Braised Lamb Shank

with onions, figs and prune in mandeira sauce with roast pumpkin stack.


Golden Chicken Schnitzel

with creamy mash potato, garden salad and either peppercorn or mushroom sauce.


Pan Seared Garlic Prawns

in zesty garlic butter with salad and garlic ciabatta breads.


Pie of the week

served with fries and salad ask your server for this week’s details.



Bar Snacks

Available from 4pm onwards

Seafood Plate

golden deep fried crumbed scallops, mussels, prawn cutlets,
hoki bites and squid rings with garlic aioli and salad.


Oriental Platter

Deep fried spring rolls, spicy wontons, curried samosas
and chicken and lemongrass dumplings with sweet thai
chili sauce and sweet soya dipping sauces.


Baked Potato Skins

with bacon cheese sour cream and sweet chili.


Velvety Duck and Chicken Liver Parfait

sealed with pink peppercorn clarified butter served with grilled
ciabatta breads pickled walnuts and apple and saffron chutney.


Golden French Fries

or curly fries served with tomato sauce.


Soup of the Day

with breads.